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    We provide all a variety of computer services,
    making your dream our goal.
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    We provide all kind of business & financial service with our expert over
    10 years with proud and love!!


Over 13 years experience with a teams of qualified consultants and software engineers that also teach what they practice.

Internet Cafe

Fast and Reliable Internet

Computing Classes

Quality Instructors & Comfortable Learning Environment

Web Development

A Webapp for you business in two weeks

About Us

It Source Providers.

IT Source Providers is a Jamaican Technology Business offering a host of computer services including Computer Lab. Rental,Internet Cafe and classes for CSEC and Cape with consultation sessions for School Based Assessments.

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Frequently Asked Question

  • How long is a course?

    Between 3 to 8 weeks.

  • What does web development include?

    Design and implementation.

  • Do we have to meet for get a website?

    Efficiency is so important, especially in the business world. Imagine having to explain a whole project through an email and then spend the whole day responding to questions. Meeting with your team will allow you to give out all the details at once, benefit from the flow of ideas that the others might suggest, and boost the overall creativity and energy. Also, you will be able to address all the problems at once.

Our Services

We provide all kind of business, it services.
Refurbished Computer Systems starting from $32,000, need a cost effective computer that meets your needs no problem.
We teach beginner Computer Classes,IT CXC and Cape and Digital Animation.We provide beginner lessons,it csec & cape digital animation courses, with effective consulation sessions
Web & Mobile Development and Database Management, have an idea for a website, we will get it done.Need to manage your database we will develop a stable platform
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Need a lab to host class or conference, we can help.
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